Wednesday, 20 November 2013 11:26

SAP to announce a new version of PowerBuilder

Yesterday night, SAP confirmed that they will be presenting the official PB Roadmap during the PB World Tour in Europe. After months of speculation, confirmation arrived that SAP will officially support PowerBuilder, and that a new version will be released containing additional features. 

This announcement will be made directly by SAP to the community during the PB World Tour in Germany on December 3, organised by Ludwin Feiten, Head of PBUGG. Michael Redford (SAP BIT) and Robyn Chan (Senior Vice President, Head of Mobile Platform, SAP AG) will join the conference in Walldorf to present the Roadmap. Details on the conference agenda in English can be found here, the original details in German can be found here (PDF). The roadmap will also be presented during other stops of the PB World Tour, including Italy (Dec 5-6) and Paris (Dec 10-11).

PowerBuilder will be making it on to the official SAP price list. As for all SAP official products, this means that it will be supported for years to come. Last summer, PowerBuilder was moved to the Business Information Technology  (BIT) division in SAP; over this period a number of discussions have taken place between members of the PB community and SAP to help them better understand the needs of developers and to discuss future evolutions of the product. 

SAP has confirmed that a new version (probably PB15) will be released. A Beta Program should be put in place shortly for interested developers. During this presentation, SAP will explain its strategy for future evolutions of PowerBuilder and also the integration of PowerBuilder into the SAP eco-system.

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